| April/May 1991

26/4/41 General GG Tractor Q. I have recently purchased a Cletrac General GG tractor, s/n 1FA3890. Any information or service data will be greatly appreciated. Joseph G. Stefanik, 5250 Holly Springs Dr E., Indianapolis, IN 46254.

26/4/42 Ditching Machine Q. See the photos of a farm ditching machine of unknown date or make. We do not think it was used locally. For many years it was the property of Mr. Walter Ogle, a local country blacksmith. No one had ever asked about the machine or had seen it work. Without a doubt it was never shedded ,as it was solid rust, and not a trace of paint. Perhaps someone can identify it or explain its use. Any information will be appreciated. Jesse A. Bandy, 406 N. High Street, Paris, IL 61944.

A. Ditching plows were used infrequently here in eastern Iowa, although it appears from the folklore that they were occasionally employed to drain a low spot, but only as a temporary measure. We suspect that there were some areas to which the ditching plow was better adapted. Can anyone fill us in?

26/4/43 Numbers Needed Q. What is the year built of the following: Fairbanks-Morse 520100, John Deere Model A, 482922, Wisconsin AKN, 1579526, Dan Gutknecht, 6242 - 148th Ave., West Olive, Ml 49460.

A. The FBM was built in 1922; the Deere A is a 1938, and we don't have any list on the Wisconsin.

26/4/44 Jackson Engine Q. See the two photos of a 1? HP Type A Jackson engine made at Jackson, Michigan. Can anyone supply information on this company or this engine? Carl Knipfel, Route 3, Morton, IL 61550.