| April/May 1990

Due to a tremendous amount of material this month, this paragraph will be brief indeed. During the past few weeks we have heard from numerous readers with photocopies of important material for the files. Thanks to everyone for taking an interest in the hobby and for adding to the files. All of these things help ease the monthly task of answering the questions we receive.

Ye olde Reflector has been putting the finishing touches to a book on Minneapolis-Moline. Andrew Morland of England has supplied a great many color slides of existing models, and we have supplemented this with a great many more illustrations from old Minneapolis, Twin City, and M-M catalogs.

Work is continuing on our comprehensive history of J. I. Case Company. The photographs are nearly complete now, and we are in a position to proceed with the actually copy writing. In response to a great many questions regarding our progress with this book, it is our guess that it should be ready about a year from now. At least it is our goal to release the book during the early part of 1991. For those who are impatiently awaiting its release, perhaps a word of explanation is necessary.

Compiling a comprehensive history of a major company like Case is a project that requires a tremendous amount of organizational work, long before the first words hit the paper. This situation is complicated by the fact that to our knowledge, Case did not maintain a production record for many of its machines. So far as we can determine, there is no listing which would indicate for instance, the production years of the various plows, disks, and other implements. Although serial number lists do of course exist for tractors, threshers, steam engines, and a few other machines, in many cases, there simply is no such list. We have not found one, and in communicating with a few people at the company, we are told that such a list has never existed. This alone has complicated the research phase tremendously and has required far more research time than originally anticipated. In fact, for our purposes we had to build our production file, virtually from scratch. So, please be patient- we are working on the project, and it is making steady progress. Now to our first query:

25/4/1 Unidentified Engine Q. See the photo of an unidentified engine . It bears the serial number 67507, and the horsepower is 3E. Please identify and tell me the year and model. R. W. Powers, 207 2nd Ave No., Canton, AL 35045.

A. Your engine was built by Hercules, and the E suffix would indicate that it was built in the 1914-25 period. This series was the most popular of all Hercules engines.