A Brief Word

| April/May 1989

24/4/30 Unidentified spader Q. The old and rusty machine shown in the photo has part numbers on the castings, but there is no name or logo to be found. So far I don't have a clue as to the manufacturer, and would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help. Frank Hunt, 8205 N. Middle Road, Morris, IL 60450.

24/4/31 Bowsher grinders Q. Recently we acquired a grinder with the following data: N. P. Bowsher Co., South Bend, Indiana, Pat. 8 December 1903, No. 30. Any information will be appreciated. Mike Mikel, RR 1, Bynum, TX 76631.

A. Bowsher was a well-known manufacturer of feed grinders and other equipment. The patent referred to is 746,275 issued to Jay P. Bowsher of South Bend. This patent, however, covers a mill having a vertical shaft with the burrs situated at the bottom and receiving grain from a cone -hopper above them.

24/4/32 Associated pump engine Q. I recently acquired an old pump engine built by Associated Mfrs., Waterloo, Iowa, s/n 413,175, 4 HP. The flywheels are 26 ? inches across. Any , information will be appreciated. Barry Bysterveld, Box 343, Delburne, Alberta T0M 0V0 Canada.

A. We weren't aware of an Associated pumping engine of that size, so if you could forward a photo, we'll be glad to include it in a future column.

24/4/33 Harry Lowther tractors Q. In reading your Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors, I was wondering if you could tell me the connection between the Custom built by Harry Lowther Co. of Shelbyville, Indiana and the Jumbo built by Jumbo Steel Products, Azusa, California. They bear many similarities to the Ward's tractor sold by Montgomery Ward. Were these tractors built by the same company?