A Brief Word

| April/May 1989

24/4/12 Ruston & Hornsby Q. See the photo of my Ruston & Hornsby engine. Built in 1924, I found it in England in 1987 for about $200.00 U.S. I've taken it to several events here in Holland. Also, can anyone tell me the year built of a Cushman 5-6 HP Type C-340 engine? The number is 72736. W. E. Van Gulik, Trompweg 1, 7441 HN Nijverdal, Netherlands, Europe.

A. Our compliments on a nice looking R & H engine! So far as we know, there are no records on Cushman to date it by the serial number,

24/4/13 Easy engines Q. I recently acquired an Easy 4-cycle engine as used on the Easy washing machines. The flywheel and its housing are cast brass. When were these engines built, and are they considered to be rare? James G. Holzauer, Rt 2, Box 84, Sorento, IL 62086.

A. From our 1922 edition of Hardware Buyers Directory, the 'Easy' washing machine is listed as being built by Syracuse Washing Machine Corporation of Syracuse, New York. This listing is our only reference to Easy, and gives no information regarding the engine.

24/4/14 M-H Pony tractor Q. This fall I bought a 1951 mintage M-H Pony tractor. I drove it home (28 miles), and it started and ran perfectly. Now I can't get it started when the thermometer gets down to 40 degrees, no matter what I try. It turns over quickly and provides one big pop, and nothing else. At that point the starter disengages and then it's time to start over. I have replaced all the wiring, installed new points and plugs, rebuilt the Marvel updraft carburetor, and installed a rebuilt starter and a new battery. Still, no results'. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Mike Cannon, 402 Drayton Road, Oreland, PA 19075.

A. Assuming the carburetor is in good condition, have you tried replacing the coil? Also, the condenser you installed may not be up to snuff, or the points may be causing some difficulty. Then there's always the chance for high resistance, either in the contact points, or somewhere in the primary circuit. At a temperature of 40 degrees, you should not be experiencing this sort of difficulty. Check the point resistance for one thing. Also, have you checked the intake manifold? Any leakage at all in the intake manifold will cause hard starting. This includes the connection between the manifold and the carburetor. If there is any leakage, even a very small amount, the engine is getting wind but no fuel. The little N62 Continental engine on your tractor is usually quite dependable, and we hope this helps you to find the trouble.