A Brief Word

| April/May 1989

We have lots of news this month, including a great many letters from our readers. First of all, we have a News Release regarding the Witte engine serial numbers:

National Oilwell has announced that queries regarding Witte engines should now be directed to:

C. H. Wendel  R. R. 1, Box 28-A Atkins, IA 52206

Mr. Thomas G. Johnston, the Plant Manager at National Oilwell's Garland, Texas facility noted that the records have been donated to Midwest Old Threshers Association at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. For the present time however, they are in the custody and care of Mr. Wendel, who has agreed to handle the requests of Witte engine owners in regard to serial numbers, instruction data, and the like.

Mr. Johnston also stated that the transfer was being made in the interest of preserving and maintaining this historic record.

Additional details regarding available data and services on the Witte engines will be in the next issue of Gas Engine Magazine.