| April/May 1987

22/4/25 Q. I have a Fairbanks-Morse 'Z' engine, s/n 266742. Would like to know the year of it; also the wrist pin came loose and scored the cylinder about 3/32 of an inch. How can this be fixed? Also need information on a Briggs & Stratton FH' engine, s/n 30041. Marcel Corriveau, L15 C15, RR 2, Corbeil, Ontario PoH 1K0 Canada.

A. The Fairbanks-Morse engine is likely a 1917 model. With the cylinder scored this deeply by the wrist pin, it will probably be necessary to have it bored out and sleeved. We've heard all kinds of patent remedies for fixing bad cylinders, but so far we have found nothing to replace lost metal that will stay there for any length of time.

22/4/26 Q. Can anyone identify this log saw and engine? It says 'Climax' on the side, but has no other identification. Steve Stratman, 1133V2 School St., Pueblo, CO 81006.

A. A check of various implement directories shows Globe Company, Sheboygan, Wisconsin as a manufacturer of 'Wood Sawing Machines' under the Climax tradename.

22/4/27 Q. Does anyone have information on the Quadpull tractor built at Antigo, Wisconsin. It is pictured on page 35 of Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors. I personally knew the inventor, D. S. Stewart who only lived a few miles away. Adin Reynolds, Anima, WI 54408.

A. Beyond what was offered in the above book, we have found no further information on this tractor.