| April/May 1987

We recently reported in this column that limited information on Fairbanks-Morse engines might be available from Mr. Ken Watson at this company. Since that time, Mr. Watson has been deluged with letters and phone calls. We are informed that although Fairbanks-Morse Division feels that it is their responsibility to provide service information, inquiries should be directed to: Advertising Department, Fairbanks-Morse Division, 701 Lawton Avenue, Beloit, Wisconsin 53511

Kindly mail your inquiries to the Advertising Department rather than phoning them-the company will attempt to help, but a constant deluge of phone calls upsets the daily routine. We feel confident that the company will be of help whenever possible, but let's not get over zealous about this and as the saying goes, 'kill the goose that lays the golden egg!'

Curiously, we received several letters this past month from readers who have helped their fellow collectors with information etc. as a result of this column. The common complaint of these letters seemed to be that these people had spent time digging out material, getting it photocopied, paying the postage, etc. but never heard a word from the people looking for the information. Now even ye olde Reflector will have to admit to this at times, but at least we now try to thank contributors individually or collectively through the Reflections column for helping the cause. Even this might take on the sound of the village parson-boys, this just ain't right! It seems to me that the vintage tractor and engine fraternity has gained a reputation for courtesy and helpfulness. If someone can help out with a problem, at least drop a note thanking them for their help, and if they have sent you a lot of photocopy material or photos, give some thought to sending back some 'folding green' to take up the slack. After all, you might need help again someday, but if others in our fraternity think thee to be a deadbeat or an ingrate, help might stand awaiting from some time.

The Reflector recently noted that we serve as custodian for the Stover production records, and have a limited number of parts drawings for some of the Stover engines. We've heard from a lot of collectors regarding Stover engines, and it looks like time to clear up a couple of points. First of all, we do not have any parts for Stover or anything else for sale. Secondly, we have put together a list of photocopies that are available, and will send it out with your SASE. Thirdly, after publishing the Webster magneto listing recently, we have been besieged with requests for further information and parts on Webster. We do not have any parts for Webster magnetos. Kindly check with various GEM advertisers if you need parts of any kind. We might also add that the Reflections column is not intended to replace the regular Classified Section, so letters to this column advertising specifically for parts will have that portion edited out. We simply feel it is unfair to the paying advertisers.

Modelmakers take note, a listing of various model suppliers is included in this issue, and we have had a great many letters this month from readers who would like to try their hand at model making.

22/4/1 Q. What is the correct color for a Brown wall engine, s/n 3220, as pictured on page 67 of American Gas Engines? Also what is the correct color and striping for a Bulldog 6 HP engine, s/n 22703? Geo. A. Can, 775 N. Homer Rd., Midland, MI 48640.


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