| April/May 1986

This month we have a huge amount of correspondence, so under the usual constraint of space, some letters may be edited to include the necessary questions, but may not include all of your letter. GEM and the Reflector greatly appreciate your letters, so please understand that editing your letter is done only to provide room for everyone's correspondence.

Several people wrote in, commenting on a recent letter by Harold Penny in regard to advertisements. Apparently, many others feel the same way as Mr. Penny. Wherever possible, kindly include your prices in your 'For Sale' adsour letters indicate that many people will not respond at all if no price is given.

A number of people have written in about the matter of liability insurance for their shows. We have no recommendations to make at all regarding a specific carrier we suggest you contact various agencies in your area. Given today's propensity to file a lawsuit for almost anything, and the large awards in many of these cases, we would bet that wherever you can get liability insurance, it will be expensive! In fact, liability insurance premiums have gotten so far out of hand that many counties and municipalities are having trouble finding coverage at any price. Another suggestion you may wish to contact officials of other engine shows to determine where they have obtained liability coverage. Regardless, we will not in any way recommend that you put on a show without the benefit of liability insurance!

Several readers have suggested that we incorporate a 'Helpful Hint' of some sort with each issue. This may be of help, especially to collectors just now joining our fraternity. The idea sounds so good that we will attempt to do so at the end of each column forthwith.

GEM readers may also be interested to know that considerable agitation exists in the Nebraska State Legislature to greatly modify or possibly eliminate the Tractor Test Laboratory at Lincoln. A published report in Farm Industry News notes that a bill sponsored by Republican Senator Rex Haberman is currently before committee. It calls for immediate closing of the TTL. Haberman claims the Nebraska Tractor Test Law is outdated, and says the law handicaps dealers near the Nebaraska boarders, because dealers in other states can sell machines not tested at the TTL.

Dr. Louis I. Leviticus, Engineer-in-Charge at the Tractor Test Laboratory (TTL) disagrees. Leviticus notes that most tractor companies support the TTL, 'because it does keep everyone honest.'