Reflections A

A Brief Word

| October/November 1993

28/10/13 Maytag Information Needed Q. Mrs. Chuck Wagner, RR 2, Box 157, Alexandria, SD 57311 writes that she has a Maytag washing machine needing some parts. Is there a source out there for parts no longer available from Maytag, either NOS or used? If so, please contact Mrs. Wagner, as well as dropping us a line, so that we can keep this information on file.

28/10/14 Maytag Information Needed Q. Can anyone provide the proper color scheme for the Standard Separator engines? I would also like the date built for the following Witte engines: 51519 and 16362. ]. D. Wescott, 1304 S. Ranson Dr., Independence, MO 64057.

A. Regarding the Standard, we once had one that looked to have original paint, and it was a deep green, about like New Idea green, and with the cylinder and head painted aluminum. However, we've seen a couple of restored engines that were painted blue. Thus, we're not sure of the original color. Regarding the Witte engines, the respective years are 1921 and 1914.

28/10/15 Barco Hammers Thanks to Richard Kibble, Box 135, Pt. Sharp, MT 59443 for sending a reprinted copy of the instructions for Barco hammers. If you need this information, please contact Richard at the above address.

28/10/16 Ferro Engines Thanks to Mr. J. A. Holly, Box 84, Bordertown, 5268 South Australia for sending along a photocopy of the instructions for Ferro engines. Mr. Holly has several different Ferro engines, and also a 4 HP Foos Jr. He would like more information or instructions for the latter engine. If you need further information on Ferro, perhaps Mr. Holly could accommodate you.

28/10/17 Dempster Engine? Q. See the two photos of a twin cylinder engine, possibly made by Dempster Mill Mfg. Co. at Beatrice, Nebraska. It has no name tag, but looks like the 1903 model on page 126 of American Gas Engines. It has a 6x7 inch bore and stroke, bronze rod bearings, and a crosshead like a steam engine. What years was this engine made, and did it originally use ignitors? Also, the carburetor is missing, and I don't know what was originally used. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Ken Kafka, 14450 WCR 88, Pierce, CO 80650.