Reflections A


| March/April 1992

27/3/14 Empire Engine Stan Davis, Rt 8, Box 112, Live Oak, FL 32060 sends along the before-and-after shots of his Empire engine. Stan writes that the engine had rested among the weeds for 30-plus years, and was used by his father on a buzz saw some fifty years ago. It was repainted using General Motors Corporate Blue.

27/3/15 Some Tractor Questions Q. What is the proper paint color for a 1930 model 22-36 McCormick-Deering tractor, and a 1942 Case LA tractor? What is the year built for a Farmall A, s/n FAA207624, and an AC 'U' s/n LA25616? Also, where is the s/n located on a 1917 Fordson tractor, and what is the proper color? What is the year built and paint color for a Cockshutt (Oliver) 70, s/n 302254? Craig Strudwick, PO Box 501, Balgonie, Sask, SOGĀ  OEO Canada.

A. We have DuPont 27625 Gray for the 22-36; the Case is Flambeau Red, which we have as Martin-Senour 90R-3727-The Farmall A was built in 1947; the AC 'U' number you present does not show up in our lists. Offhand, we can't tell you where the Fordson s/n is stamped; however we have Martin-Senour 90T-3732 listed as Ford Gray. We are not sure though, whether this is the same shade of gray as was used on the Fordson. Can someone supply us with the proper color match for Cockshutt tractors?

27/3/16 Giant Gasoline Engine Otto Turner, 306 N. Mulberry, Hartford City, IN 47348 submits this photo of a Giant engine, and needs to know what type of carburetor was used, along with other information on this particular engine. See the photo.

27/3/17 Lazier Etc. Q. See Photo 17Aof a Lazier 2 HP engine, made in Buffalo, New York. I have been told it was made by Novo, but the plate reads, 'Made by. Lazier Engine Co.' Does it take oil in the crankcase? There is no fill hole, and no oil level hole. We keep oil in it, but it seems to throw it out the vent holes above the crank. Photo 17B is of a Nichols & Wright marine engine made in Buffalo, New York. The former owner said this was the second engine built in 1904, and only ten were built that year. When we took it down, every piece has a No. 2stampedonit. Any information on this engine will be appreciated. Jerry Lester, 629 Freedom Road, Freedom, NY 14065.

A. It is our belief that the Lazier was made by Lazier and not by least we've never seen anything to the contrary. Not having seen your engine, we can't tell you much about the oiling system. Most of these engines use a sheet metal slinger secured under on the con rod bolts. If there is no slinger, then cut one that will reach down an inch or so, and make it about a quarter inch wide. If you carry the oil high enough so that the entire bottom rod cap catches oil, there's no doubt it will throw oil all over. This takes some experimenting to get it just right. The slinger should only catch a half inch or less of oil. Novo, Cushman, etc. depended on the cylinder lubricator to help maintain the proper oil level.