| April/May 1990

25/4/40 Boyer Feed Mill Q. See the two photos of a feed mill I am restoring. Cast into the top of the frame is 'Farm Mill' and 'A. Proseus Patent.' It also reads, 'Warranted Cast Steel, Premium Farm Grist Mill, Manufactured by Wm. L. Boyer & Br., Philadelphia, Pa.' Any information on this mill will be greatly appreciated.

When finishing an engine I suggest using a lacquer base spot putty on larger pits and then immediately after wiping the filled area with a rag and lacquer thinner. The wiping action works the putty into the pits and removes the excess that otherwise would have to be sanded away. After filling the pits I spray R-M Acrylic Primer-Surfacer GP-75 Global Prime over all and spray any other rough areas that need to be smoothed out with extra coats per the directions on the can. Allow to dry and add the finish coats. This method saves a lot of time. Bob Herder, RR 5, Box 121, Califon, NJ 07830.

25/4/41 International Feed Grinder Q. Can anyone supply the color scheme for the International Type B feed grinder? G. Donald Eidman, 4424 Dormedy Hill Road, Marion, NY 14505.

25/4/42 Abenaque Engines

Dan Thomas, 495 Dustin Tavern Rd., Weare, NH 03281 is looking for information on the early two-cycle Abenaque engines. This engine may have been built as the Ostenburg engine.

Additionally, I would like to research the International Power Vehicle Company. Any information on the above will be appreciated.