| July/August 1992

21/l/4B What is It? This machine is a mangle. It was used for smoothing out bed sheets, table clothes, etc. It was a cast iron piece with the rollers made of beech wood. It was quite common, at least here in Sweden, and many homes had one. P. G. Fagerberg, O. Vemmenhog 19, S-270 10 Skivarp, Sweden.

27/5/41 Maytag The Maytag in question was mounted in a washing machine by four tabs at the corners of the fuel tank top. These tabs were held by the tank mounting bolts, and the machine was suspended under the washer by long rods. Do not drill holes into the zinc tank, as it is very brittle and will break easily. Maytag Unlimited (an advertiser) has replacement cast iron bases, or tabs if you want to hang an engine. Also regarding:

27/5/19 Hercules The Hercules is a throttle governed model - kerosene (the K designation on the model) as in the picture, the carb is not original. T..e original carb incorporates a fuel pump to supply fuel to the reservoir that is built in. Also missing is the overflow return manifold that gets mounted on the fuel supply piping. Regarding:

27/5/21 A &B See article by Duane Reynolds, GEM Vol. 24, No. 12, December, 1989 for a history of Johnson-Jacobsen. Regarding:

27/5/28 United-Associated For Mr. Fay: Quite a few years ago I did a research of United-Associated engines and production dates. This was written into an article and sent into GEM.

Regarding the Computer Age: Perhaps it might be useful to create some sort of computer program that lists the articles in GEM by manufacturer and to use the stories by back issues and numbers to augment the answers. Quite a few times I've seen questions by a collector who could have benefited by reading a back article. Andrew K. Mackey, 26 Mott Pl., Rockaway, NJ 07866-3022.