A Brief Word

| June/July 1993

F-M Model 3000 AR3 generator


Joe Gonyo

We'll be quite brief this issue, since we have a huge stack of inquiries and comments to dispose of. However, by the time this issue is in your hands, we'll be into the month of May, and the beginning of a few engine shows. Keep your favorite hobby enjoyable this year don't lift things you shouldn't be lifting, don't poke your fingers in places they shouldn't be poked, and let fun be fun, not some disaster that requires a surgeon to sew up body parts that normally come finely stitched by their Maker.

Last fall we also put out a cautionary statement to our readers regarding the unwholesome elements that sometimes appear at our shows. Ordinarily, our bunch is among the best in the world, bar none! Over the years we've seen guys leave a wrench behind and another person would go to great lengths to see that it got back to the rightful owner. Ye olde Reflector told you last fall about having a nice flatbed trailer stolen. The open wound of that loss is now healed over, but the scar tissue is still a bit tender. It's hard to find a positive side to that story. If there is one, perhaps the message we'll share with all of you is this: Don't be so trusting as to let high priced equipment set around without taking some precautions. 'If only I would have . . .' is a statement commonly used after one of these episodes.

We'll see many of you at the Waukee Swap Meet, since we'll be representing Stemgas Publishing once again this year. Beyond that, our plate is full for awhile, because of the upcoming tour to England in June and July. If you have the opportunity, stop by and see us at Waukee ... it's always a joy to meet the hundreds of people we see at every show!

Now it's on to our first comment regarding the Edwards engines:

28/6/1 Edwards Engines I would like to compile a serial number and owner's list on Edwards igniter engines, and I will share the list with anyone sending information. Armand De Young, 12300 Club Road, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

Since Edwards engines are quite rare, we're not positive whether Mr. De Young is limiting this request to the igniter style, or whether the spark-plug models might also be included. However, the igniter model is lots harder to find!