| February/March 1987

22/2/14 Q. I am a pattern and model maker and am interested in making kits for gas and heat engines. Could you advise as to engines which are popular but not readily available in kit form? Also where is the best place to obtain plans and drawings for various size engines? Any help will be appreciated. E.J. Williams, 149-A Voelbel Road, Hightstown, NJ 08520.

A. As we noted at the beginning of this column, there are quite a few people interested in doing just what you propose, but lack the information needed to go ahead. We hope that some of our readers will respond to you (and to us) in this regard so that the information can be passed along. We would think that the Fairbanks-Morse 'Z' engines, the IHC engines, the Stover, and several others would make excellent model projects. So far as we know, the avail able scale models have been built from scratch, and that includes taking an original engine, making all the measurements, and then scaling it down to the desired size. We wish we could be more helpful at this time, but quite frankly, there is virtually nothing we know of in the way of printed material at this time.

22/2/15 Q. Can anyone help me identify this engine? I thought the Webster magneto listing in the December GEM would help, but the bracket on this engine isn't listed. The closest I can find is A303K179A for a Field-Brundage 1? HP. Alan King's Gas Engines, Vol. 6 does not have anything like it. Some part numbers include: water hopper, DD213-A; carburetor DD30A. Would appreciate hearing from anyone that can help. H. Rossow, Box 15, Weston, ID 83286.

22/2/16 Q. Need help in identifying this engine- see photo. The man I bought it from thought it might have been used on a bicycle. I've been told it is Simplex. Bernard Marvel, RR 1, Box 44, Browning, IL 62624.

22/2/17 Q. Would like to know the year built for the following two engines, and would like to know where to obtain owner's manuals for same: IHC LA, 1 1?-2 ?HP, s/n LA6353, IHC LB, 1 ?-2 ? HP, s/n/ LBA 108990. John W. Lewis, 4386 N. Five Mile Rd., Route 3, Williamsburg, Ml 49690.

A. The LA was built in 1937; the LB was built in 1946. Contact the GEM office-I believe they have an operator's manual.