| April/May 1991

26/4/11 Paint Colors Paul Frasier, 12234 Harris, Carleton, MI 48117 sends us a listing of paint colors matched from original paint colors. The following are PPG-Ditzler color numbers:

Fairbanks-Morse Z, 1923, PPG-43846 Green
Hercules E, 1918, PPG-43822 Green
Stover K, 1917, PPG-71965 Red
Stover CT-2, 1938, PPG-44616 Lt. Green
IHC Type M, 1924, PPG-40496 Green
Jaeger-Hercules, ?, PPG-13500 Lt. Blue
Ottawa Drag Saw, 1927(?),PPG-2292 Green
David Bradley Walking Tractor, 1950, PPG-41780 Green; PPG-72155 Red
Alamo, 1920, PPG-13594 Blue
New-Way Type A, 1906?, PPG-40496 Green; PPG-72083 Red

26/4/12 Alpha Engine? Q. See the two photos of what I think is an Alpha engine. Can anyone provide information on the name and model, also the proper color scheme? Any information that might help complete the project will be greatly appreciated. John Nichols, RR 3, Petrolia, Ontario NON 1R0 Canada.

26/4/13 FIMACO Garden Tractor Q. See the two photos of a Fimaco Garden Tractor. It was built at 617 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA. Beyond that I have no other information on this tractor. Can anyone help? Edward T. Schweighardt, 273 Luddington Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011.

A. Since the GEM offices are in Lancaster, perhaps they or someone in the area might be able to help. (Editor's note: We'll see what we can find out!) Ye olde Reflector lives out in east central Iowa, and I've never heard of this one before, nor can we find it in the industrial listings on our shelves.

26/4/14 A-C 440 Tractor Q. My hobby is in building replicas of Allis-Chalmers tractors. Currently, I am on the AC 440 which as you know is just an orange Steiger, although some cosmetic differences are apparent. My problem is in the number of 'Gas Series' or variations AC had Steiger produce for them. I know of three distinct variations. However, I recently viewed one in a dealer's lot that said 'Series IV hydraulics. Can anyone supply any information or tell me who to contact in this regard? Ross G. White, RR 1, Petrolia, Ontario NON 1R0 Canada.