Preventing Early Buzz Coil Burnout and Point Destruction

| October/November 1994

  • Buzz Coil

  • Buzz Coil

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Often six volt batteries to run buzz coils are not available. Although twelve volt batteries are more readily obtained and seem to work fine, they will destroy the points and could prematurely cause coil burnout. By installing one two-ohm resistor or two one-ohm resistors at ten watts in series with one twelve volt battery lead, it is possible to reduce the input voltage to eight or nine volts, a more acceptable value for the Model T buzz coils. The resistors can be purchased locally at your Radio Shack or radio parts store.

Once the resistor is installed in the circuit, adjust the tension nut on the buzz coil to allow the coil to produce the highest pitched tone. This will produce the hottest spark possible from the coil.