National Ford Tool Collectors

| August/September 1998

Following considerable research and discussion, several Ford tool collectors defined the need and a definite desire for a club for Ford tool collectors. On January 1, 1998, thirty collectors representing fifteen states chartered National Ford Tool Collectors (NAFTCO), the first and only known organization devoted to the preservation and collecting of Ford tools.

The focus of the group is tools that were furnished with vintage Ford automobiles, trucks, and farm equipment, and specialty tools that were used to service these early model vehicles. NAFTCO was founded on three basic principles: 1) to be an educational and informational resource for members to learn about Ford tools, their usage, and their role in Ford Motor Company history; 2) provide a forum for members to exchange information and ideas and buy, sell, and swap tools; 3) promote camaraderie among members. NAFTCO publishes a quarterly newsletter, entitled Ford Too! Times, which features articles about Ford tools and tools made by outside vendors which were used to service Ford products, letters from members, a swap and sell section, and a listing of resources for locating Ford tools.

NAFTCO is open to any individual interested in Ford tools, whether you are a serious collector or you just have a casual interest and want to learn more about Ford tools. Enjoy the benefits of being a NAFTCO member and being in contact with other Ford tool collectors throughout the country for just $15.00 single or $25.00 family (U.S. funds) per year. For more information about NAFTCO or how to become a NAFTCO member, please contact either the NAFTCO email address:, or Steve Thompson, 1042 Wagonwheel Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado 80526, 970-223-2413.

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