| March/April 1972

My pride and joy (both my six year old son, Kenny and my 1924 Witte Drag Saw.) I have fully restored the saw to almost like new condition. I do have a few more things to do to it but other than that it is finished. It has taken me almost a year to restore this piece of equipment. I have yet to make the round gas tank and attach the clutch assembly.

I have six old engines and several pieces of other equipment I work on--which is my hobby.

A 3 HP. Titan International that I have been hunting to put in my collection. When I bought it, the water pump and pump connecting rod, cooling cone and tank, muffler, battery box and all the moving parts of the igniter were missing.

Today, I have everything complete. We had an International Famous which is identical to this engine--when I was a boy and my Dad had a book, I was able to duplicate parts by scaling the engine size picture.

Dick Seibert of Hummelstown gave me sizes for the muffler.

James and Edgar White of St. Clairsville, Ohio have a trailer load of engines that were restored and painted. They are a 1934 International Type LA 1?Hp., a 1923 Fairbanks-Morse Model Z 1? Hp., a 1932 Twin Maytag and two 1926 single cylinder Maytags. Photo by courtesy of Thomas B. Fulton, 132 South Marietta Street, St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950.