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Bottom-of-the-sea engine, Aero motor Pump Engine, Bragging Rights and Memories

| August/September 2004

Aeromotor Eight-cycle Pump Engine.

I am retired and an avid antique engine collector, and I enjoy the challenge of working on and getting my engines running. This is an Aeromotor eight-cycle pump engine made in 1905. This picture was taken at Point Pleasant, W.Va., in October 2003, at the West Virginia Farm Museum. I bought this engine from a friend who moved to Spencer, W.Va., from California several years ago. At one time, he had a big collection of engines. This engine was in good condition when I got it. I made the cart to mount it on and started pumping water at engine shows. It is definitely a big attraction. Alfred L. Nichols, 1738 Otto Road, Spencer, WV 25276

John Deere Memories

To the editor:

When I saw you last, you said something like, 'If I would have been born 30 years sooner, I would have seen some of the changes in farm machinery.' There is something to that statement.

I was born in 1923, about 10 miles southeast of Topeka, Kan. We lived on high ground and to get to our place required driving up a long hill, which was sometimes difficult with mud roads and low-powered Model Ts. I still remember the threshing crew -with steam engine and smoke -coming up the hill to our place. The fellow who ran the engine would let me and one of my brothers ride with him on the engine.

When I was about 10, my dad bought our own threshing machine, which was powered by a John Deere Model D. I was just old enough to use the hand clutch. My dad was very careful to level the threshing machine. He would unhook the machine and I would drive the tractor out, turn it around and, with help, back into the belt. No kid was happier than I was when it lined up the first time. I sat on the tractor, stopping and starting as needed.

In those days, everyone used water in the radiator. The Model D has a short water tube running from the block to the carburetor. Using a valve, a small amount of water was added to the intake to, I believe, keep the valves from clicking and to add more power. Because of this, I had to add water to the radiator every few hours. Would you believe that even today, whenever I pour water into the morning pot of coffee it reminds me of that old John Deere?


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