Getting Fired Up: 1928/1929 1-1/4 HP Baker Monitor VJ

Peter Rooke adapts a water pump for the Baker Monitor VJ — Part 2 of 4

| February/March 2015

This is the second in a four part series on Peter Rooke's restoration of a 1-1/4 HP Baker Monitor VJ. Read part 1 for the beginning of the restoration, and part 3 and part 4 for the rest of the restoration.

A water pump was needed to complete this restoration. The style of pump needed was not generally available in the U.K., so the plan was to use a regular hand pump and adapt it to work with the Monitor. Surprisingly, a pump similar in style to the original was on eBay, made in the U.K. under the Climax brand name and manufactured by Thomas and Son (Worcester) Ltd. This is believed to be the only type of pump made in the U.K. in the “American” style.

A badly-rusted pump was expected, and when it was delivered, did not disappoint. At least the body was intact.

As the pump was stripped down, all the nuts and bolts were wire brushed and soaked in penetrating fluid. This had no effect; the nuts refused to move and a couple of the bolts were sheared. The rest of the nuts had to be sawn off but even then it was not possible to punch out some of the bolts and they had to be drilled out.

It proved easy to remove the pump rod connector from the flat piston bar, but the pump rod itself had to be sawn off before it was drilled out of the connecting piece. The threads were cleaned using a small steel pick, then a tap.

Once the pump head was removed the full extent of the rust damage to the pump rod was visible.