Here's an Idea To Keep Your Trailer Safe

| March/April 1999

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Here is an idea I came up with which may help keep your trailer right where you left it. Just putting a padlock in the latch handle of the coupler is not very secure, as all a thief would have to do is remove the adjusting nut and ball latch on the underside of the coupler, lower the coupler onto his hitch, replace the latch and adjusting nut, and your trailer is history! See Fig. 1.

This cover effectively blocks any access to the adjusting nut. By using a high security padlock as pictured, nothing short of a torch can remove the lock or cover, as bolt cutters cannot reach the shackle on this type of padlock. See Fig. 2

Notice the long narrow tail of the cover (Fig. 3), that fits into the hollow underside of the trailer tongue (Fig. 4). This holds it up tight to the underside of the tongue. The ball that is welded to the cover then latches into the coupler just as the hitch ball would. This prevents removing the adjustment nut or lowering the coupler onto a smaller hitch ball.

The cover was made from an old hitch ball and 3/16' steel. It only took about an hour to make. You may have to modify the design to fit your particular trailer.

While I won't guarantee your trailer won't be stolen, this cover should prove to be enough deterrent to make a thief look for an easier target.