Hercules Engine News

Including Economy, Arco, Jaeger & Thermoil

| July/August 1994

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In this, the last of a three part series on fuel mixers used on Hercules built engines, the various kerosene mixers will be discussed.

During the 1914-16 period both the Hercules and Economy brand engines were available as kerosene hit and miss and gasoline only versions. The kerosene version apparently wasn't very popular because they are seldom seen. There were two versions. The earlier one is shown in Figure 1. It had a two valve mixer with a three way cock to switch from the gasoline starting tank (No. 97) to the main tank in the engine base. One valve on the mixer adjusted the fuel and the other adjusted the water when running on kerosene.

Figure 2 shows the later version. The primary difference is the use of a three valve mixer and the elimination of the three way cock. The mixer had a gasoline valve, a kerosene valve and a water valve.

Both of these kerosene systems were available as original equipment. The complete attachment could be ordered to convert a gasoline hit and miss engine to a kerosene hit and miss engine. It's doubtful that many of these conversion kits were sold.