Handshake Contracts

Galion Road Rollers

| May/June 1992

12 Dovas Path, Southampton, New York 11968

In years gone by, we heard of many 'handshake contracts.' This honesty was also applied to many products, such as, in this case, a Gallion Master road roller. The way it is constructed it could go another 50 years.

How do you apply the name 'Master' to ten tons of iron and steel when its function is to compress the earth under the roads we drive on? This term 'Master' had to be applied to its internal parts as well as operating ease. 

Galion Rollers Include a Machine for Every Roller Service

Galion Rollers are modern rollers, designed and perfected for road roller service and for no other purpose by an engineer of many years' experience, who designs nothing but road rollers.

The Galion line of road rollers is complete, including a roller of type and size to meet every need of road roller service. Galion Rollers are manufactured in the largest and most modern roller shop in the world, completely equipped with modern Gear Cutters, Lathes, Radial Drills, Boring Mills and other machines which have been designed especially for producing roller parts.