| November/December 1970

  • Match igniter
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    Kenneth G. Romine

  • Match igniter

FIG. 29 Match igniter for starting gas or gasoline euglues.

A hand starting device, for starting engines of from 10 to 25 horsepower, is shown in Figure 29, the flywheels of the engine are turned over until the piston is just past the dead center of the explosion or power stroke, the combustion chamber is filled with an explosive mixture by means of a hand pump, after a match has been inserted in the cock shown to the left of the drawing. The plug of the cock is closed, cutting off the match, the plunger is given a smart blow with the hand, the match is then consequently fired, the charge ignited and the piston started on its working or power stroke.

-Practical Gas and Oil Engine Hand Book -- Brookes