Hammer Loops And Plier Pockets

| November/December 1990

Rt 2, Box 330 Irrigon, Oregon 97844

I know it's coming. It's just a matter of time. I get a new pair of overalls every year and the first thing I do is to check and see if the hammer loop and plier pocket are still there. Some young executive is going to figure his company can save a generous amount of money by leaving that strange loop and unnecessary pocket off his overalls.

I can remember my first hammer. A woody. That's one with a wooden handle. I was about thirteen or fourteen at the time. My woody had one short claw and staples to hold the head tight because the wedges had worked out and gotten lost.

Woody and I spent a lot of time together. I liked the feel of this hammer slapping my side. Besides, I visualized how impressive I must look to other people. The only trouble was when sitting down at the table, when the hammer had a tendency to pop up in my armpit. But, with quick hands, hardly anyone noticed.

We had a neighbor named Lester Strunk who was a REAL carpenter. Lester packed the ultimate hammer. A steelie! That is a steel hammer with the laminated leather handle. A steelie with straight claws no less. I just drooled.

I don't know if there is a 'Hay Wire' Hall of Fame, but if there is I would like to add my father's name to the list.