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Readers' Engine Questions: Upright, Mower Colors, Busy Bee, Merry, Monac, Stover Novelty Works...

| September/October 2004

39/9/1: Upright Water-cooled Engine These are some pictures of my upright water-cooled engine, hopefully someone will help identify it.

There is no serial number or name anywhere on the engine. Does anyone know what make it is or any other information about this one-cylinder, water-cooled engine? It is 20 inches tall to the top of the open exposed rocker assembly and valves, also note the counter-clockwise rotation and small pulley. I was told this was an English engine.

Eugene Martin, 6409 W. 400 S., Russiaville, IN 46979; (765) 883-5027.

39/9/2: Busy Bee Information I recently purchased a small engine at a swap meet. It's called a Busy Bee and is built by Gladden. It's a 5 HP Model AB3-12781. There is no serial number found.

Also, I would like to know about how old the engine is and the color it should be. Would anyone have any specifications on this engine?

John Schneider, 7100 St. Mary's Ave., Denton, ME 68339.