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Readers' Engine Questions

| February/March 2004

39/2/1: New Way Engine Q: I recently purchased a 6 HP double-flywheel New Way engine, Model D, Type D #668. This engine is an upright, air-cooled engine with a fan driven off one of the flywheels. I haven't found any information or literature on this engine. Any help would be much appreciated. Herman Pankratz, E. 926 Open Gate Lane, Harrison, ID 83833; (208) 667-9198 (evenings).

A: New Way Motor Co., Lansing, Mich., built a surprising variety of air-cooled engines, ranging from vertical singles to horizontal twins. Your Model D, Type D doesn't show up in any of our reference material, but we're hoping a reader can fill you, and the rest of us, in on the details of your engine.

39/2/2: Oval Hopper Ideal Q: I have an Ideal oval hopper engine with a 5-inch bore and 5-inch stroke. The identification tag was badly damaged before restoration, so I have little to go on. I would like to know if it is a Type C, approximate horsepower and year made.

The hopper casting has '4 M 4' in raised cast characters just underneath the cylinder oiler. I originally thought this might be a model number or bore and stroke. What do these markings represent? Further, the exhaust side of the hopper casting has two places where the numbers '5' over '16' are indented into the casting. Could this be the month and year it was cast? Clifford Taber, 85 Bokum Road, Deep River, CT 06417; thomas_c_taber@sbc

A: We're pretty sure your engine left the shops of the Ideal Motor Co. (or the Original Gas Engine Co., as it was renamed after 1912), Lansing Mich., as a Type M. The Type C with a standard, cylindrical hopper, was built from about 1911 to perhaps 1915, and we're guessing the Type M was manufactured in the same time period.

Paul Frasier wrote an article about his oval hopper Ideal (GEM, August 1997, page 12), but that engine was identified as a 3 HP. The only oval hopper Ideal engine we've seen also carried a 3 HP rating.