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Reader's Engine Questions

| April/May 2004

39/4/1: Challenge Engine I would like to restore this engine. It is a 1-1/2 HP Challenge made by Challenge Co., Batavia, Ill. I need things like a piston, timing gear and head. I would like to hear from anybody who has one of these engines, and could greatly use any of the above parts.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Don Newcomb, 532 Kirk Road, Rochester, NY 14612; (585) 227-2091;

39/4/2: Caldwell & Co. Enclosed are pictures of what, I don't know. Could any one identify what this is? The tag on the base says: Manufactured in U.S.A. for E.R. Caldwell & Co., Bradford, Pa. Loyd A. Fox, 6183 Main St., Jane Lew, WV 26378-8502.

39/4/3: Stuck IH Help! I acquired a very rusty IHC Model M, 3 HP. I need tips on removing the pulley and flywheels. I'm spraying penetrating oil daily on all parts. Can heat be used on the cast parts? Thanks, Ronnie Eisert, 2027 Ball Diamond Hill Road N.E., Lanesville, IN 47136-8136.

39/4/4: Waterloo Boy

Q: A friend and I have found a 6 HP Waterloo Boy engine in a farm grove. It has been there abandoned for 50 years or more and needs much work, but will be a fine engine when restored. The serial number is 24876. Can you tell us the year, correct color and pin striping? A picture would be a great help. Raymond Wickham, Box 402, Dumont, IA 50625-0402; (641) 857-6672;