First Things


| March/April 1993

28/3/34 Frost & Wood Q. See the photos of a Frost & Wood mower made at Smith Falls, Canada. It was red with yellow wheels, and a blue sickle bar. When was it made, how long did the company last, and the like. Any help will be appreciated. Kevin F. Kurds, 1855 Bakertown Rd., Buchanan, Ml 49107.

A. Frost & Wood dated back to 1839. Cockshutt eventually bought out the Frost & Wood line, and in recent history, White Motors bought out Cockshutt.

28/3/35 Fairbanks-Morse Compressor Q. Please help me obtain information on a Fairbanks-Morse water-cooled air compressor. The name plate indicates 3? x 4 inch bore and stroke; the s/n is 11277. It is a vertical, single-cylinder design with a single pulley/fly wheel. Any information will be appreciated. Roy Childers, 303 Scoates Hall, College Station, TX 77843-2121.

28/3/36 Maynard Engine Q. I have a Maynard, from the Charles Williams Stores, s/n W14245. It has a Webster magneto and 16-inch flywheels. What is its age, its horsepower, and the proper color scheme? Any help will be appreciated. Gordon S. Braislin, 3 Jericho Rd South, Sherman, CT 06784.

28/3/37 Power Master Q. See the photos of a Power Master, s/n 20023, Model 2104,6 volt, 150 watts, 2225 rpm. The carburetor has a brass air cap, brass fuel needle, and brass intake pipe. The motor has a push button electric start. Can anyone tell me anything further about this unit? Dennis Dingman, Route 3, Box 32C, Harden, ID 83835.

28/3/38 Lombard Saw Q. See the photo of a Lombard on which I have no information. It has never been rebuilt and runs well, but is very heavy and very loud. Any help will be appreciated. John Laudano, 666 Ridge Road, Middle-town, CT 06457-5412.