First Things

| March/April 1982

  • Dick Leill With Corn Planter Seat
    Pictured is Dick Leill holding a very rare Vandiver corn planter seat. Behind him, a small part of his collection.

  • Dick Leill With Corn Planter Seat

4505 Sugar Maple Drive, Lafayette, IN 47905, editor of 'THE CAST IRON SEAT NEWSLETTER'

The collecting of cast iron implement seats has become a most enthusiastic hobby of hundreds of people throughout North America and Great Britain.

Many of these 'fero sedileists' are also gas engine, and/or steam engine buffs. They have their own catalog of seat pictures, names and numbers, and the buying, selling and trading of seats is going on at a feverish pace. During this past year, one seat auction at Cedar Falls, Iowa, brought in approximately $100,000. The top price for a seat was $775.00, with many going for several hundred dollars.

The 'Cast Iron Seat Collectors Association', which was formed several years ago, now has over 300 members and is rapidly growing. A newsletter is sent out to members every three months and they have an annual convention and a mid-year meeting. The group has members from all over the world.

The hobby has really caught on in England where a new seat collector's club was formed in September 1981, with Douglas Walker of Norfold, England, as the first president. Walker is the biggest collector in England. Most collectors have their collections painted and displayed on walls of their barn, garage, or basement and on occasion, you might see one or two in the living room of an enthusiastic collector.

The largest collection in the world is owned by John Friedly of Ionia, Missouri. He now has approximately 1100 different seats. Friedly is president of the American club.