Edson Portable Diaphragm Pump

| 5/6/2014 8:31:00 AM

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Below are pictures of my Edson portable diaphragm pump. The engine appears to be a copy of the Fuller & Johnson pump engine of 1909. However, the magneto and the pump drive system are entirely different.

The book The Fuller & Johnson Story II by Verne Kindschi shows the pump but does not mention any patent infringement.

Side view of Edson pump Back of Edson pump

I have found that the Edson was not built until after 1917. I also discovered that some parts are still available from Edson International, located in New Bedford, Mass.

The unit is made portable simply by pulling the hitch over so as to be parallel to the ground. At this point only the wheels contact the ground and away you go!

Edson Portable Diaphragm Pump