Desert Upright

| July/August 2000

30 W. Hilton, Redlands, California 92373

This Maytag upright was found in a dusty corner of the back lot of a small southern California town antique shop, among pieces of rusty farm machinery, cylindrical glass gasoline pumps and other assorted paraphernalia. Mixed with other junk, at first glance 'air compressor' came to mind but upon closer inspection, the interest factor quickly picked up! The little engine was missing the carb, governor arm and various other items but looked restorable. Upon disassembly, it was quickly determined that missing parts were only some of the problems to be dealt with. Everything that could become loose and worn, was! My qualifications do not include machining, so after a complete rebuild of bearings, shaft and a new piston by Jack Guerrie of Longmont, Colorado, and the correction of a serious compression problem by Maytag expert extraordinaire Marvin McCullough of Opp, Alabama, the little desert Maytag now perks along just fine, thank you! The wood base was made from the scrap end of a laminated beam of the type used in building construction. The inside of the base is hollowed out to accommodate the coil and battery.