| September/October 1968

Idaho 83544

During the past few years I have acquired two old burr grinders that really have the years on them. Unfortunately, hold of them. while in good mechanical condition, are sadly in need of new burrs. I hate to display them at threshing bees and other similar celebrations, because they are not of lunch interest if they are not put through their paces. A friend went to a threshing bee out here and he said they were selling so (ailed 'whole wheat flour that was just about the equivalent of cracked wheat. I think that poor work is worse than none. What I am leading up to is this. Twenty five years ago it was possible to gel burrs for any grinder. There was a place somewhere east of the Mississippi that would make burrs if you had an old set to send to them. I understand it is out of business, and I am wondering if any GEM readers might know a place to get them. I might add that burr grinders were usually powered by gas engineers. I have a good roller mill, which I have displayed, and it turns out good stock feed, but will not make good whole wheat Hour or corn meal.