| November/December 1976

Amboy, Minnesota 56010

This is some information on pouring bearings. I do it every once in a while - just poured one recently and it came out perfect. I'll let you in on a little secret. It's hard to tell anyone how to pour a bearing. We use play clay and plaster of paris to make the mold and it's really kinda simple, but you'll have to learn like we did - trial and error.

Figure it like a cement form for a foundation. The first thing you must have is a dummy shaft the same as your rod and main journals, then use the play clay and plaster for the form and pour it in. Be sure and warm the dummy shaft good and the bearing bases on the babbitt will harden before it levels out and fills up the form.

If it's just the rod, send it to me and I'll make one for you and send it back if you pay the postage.