Associated HP Pony

| February/March 1990

461 Algonquin Place, Webster Groves, Missouri 63119

In the late 1920's the Associated Manufacturers Co. of Waterloo, Iowa introduced a small 34 horsepower air cooled 2-stroke engine. It was called the Pony.

Company records apparently do not exist to indicate how many of the engines were built, or during which years. I have seen serial numbers in the 20,000's but don't know if this series was numbered separately. There has also been a lack of knowledge as to what the engines were used for.

In November 1988, the Reflector used some pictures of a Pony that I had bought. Response to my questions was so great that I feel obligated to share the information with other GEM readers.

Uses: The engine seems to have been designed to compete with the Maytags. In fact it even looks like a Maytag 92 with a big low-tension magneto on it (Photo #1).

The 1927 Montgomery Ward catalog offered a fancy Wardway 'Gyrator' washing machine powered by the Pony for $127.50. Photo #2 shows the machine with the Pony clearly visible. The engine is described as being strong and dependable with a sure-fire magneto. An identical electric powered machine, on the next page, sold for $45.50 less.