| March/April 1982

  • The Old Machinery
    Carey Attkisson and crew, on the old machinery. (Courtesy of Carey K. Attkisson, Pine Needle Christmas Tree Plantation, Box 242, Rockville, Virginia 23146).
    Carey K. Attkisson

  • The Old Machinery

Carey Attkisson, who owns the Pine Needle Christmas Tree Plantation near Rockville, Virginia has sent us a cross-country story about the way an old binder and threshing machine were transferred from his place to a new owner's site in California.

Carey tells us the transaction started with an ad he ran in GAS ENGINE MAGAZINE. The story was written up by Steve Clark in the Richmond News Leader, and it makes an interesting tale.

The metal binder and threshing machine had been the property of Carey's uncle, Shepherd Lloyd, who operated a threshing business many years ago. Shepherd's father, Joseph Lloyd, had preceded him in the business. They served farmers in Goochland and Hanover Counties.

Shepherd Lloyd got the cooperation of neighbors. Carey recalls that about 15 people were needed, with several teams of mules and wagons. He remembers the big meals that the farmers' wives would prepare for the threshers. 'They would save their best hams for the laborers,' he comments.

Shepherd used wooden machinery for about 30 years, then bought new metal equipment in 1940. He kept this until he retired in 1960, and at his death it was inherited by Carey Attkisson.

Carey was sentimental about the binder and the thresher. So several years ago he put it in working order, and with some fellow Virginians who remembered the old days, threshed and bound some grain. From Attkisson's farm, they moved to the Virginia State Fair, where they could show a new generation the way it used to be done.