Ajax 'Califoria Special' Compressors

| March/April 1970

  • Ajax DPC-115
    Courtesy of Ajax Iron Works, Corry, Pennsylvania 18407
    Ajax Iron Works

  • Ajax DPC-115

Corry, Pennsylvania 18407

Ajax announces a new line of prepackaged natural gas engine driven integral compressors. Each package is specifically designed for the California market and areas with similar climate requirements. Known as the 'California Specials', four compressors ranging from 42 to 115 horsepower are included in the line. The packages are based on a ten-year Ajax study of the specific needs of California compressor operators. All of the packages are completely furnished with accessories, piped, and ready to install on start-up location.

Except for the smallest Ajax model, the C-42 'California Specials' are equipped with overhead hydraulically driven coolers. These coolers can handle wide variations in cooling requirements due to changes in pressure conditions and ambients. The coolers are unitized with oversized water sections, high capacity high pressure gas sections, and a hydraulic oil section. Gas sections are designed for 10°F approach, after-cooling to ambient. For the C-42, Ajax uses a combination of an oversized radiator and a vertical discharge gas cooler. All packages are designed to provide cooling without regard to prevailing winds.

The other accessories of the special Ajax compressors are similarly designed to meet the same full range of California operating conditions. Piping, scrubbers, and cooler sections are engineered to exceed extrement pressure ratings.

The Ajax 'California' compressor cylinder is a well depletion type, two stage, single acting cylinder with one set of pressure packing. The cylinder is a high working pressure cylinder with overly adequate displacement and working pressure. This is provided so that the Ajax 'California Special' units can operate fully loaded (both single and two stage) throughout a wide range of expected suction and discharge pressures. . . without costly major shutdowns for conversion or modification.

Ajax uses its time proven slow-speed continuous heavy duty two-cycle engine as the integral prime mover for the 'California Special'. Power-end and compression cylinder are linked together by a balanced opposed crankshaft common to both engine and compressor, a concept pioneered by Ajax many years ago.