| April/May 1998

  • 1907 Doak 10 HP sideshaft
    It was a happy day for Ray Gardner Jr., P. O. Box 545, Bandon, Oregon 97411 when he finally found this 1907 Doak 10 HP sideshaft.

  • 1907 Doak 10 HP sideshaft

P.O. Box 545, Bandon, Oregon 97411

I had been looking for quite a while for this neat old engine. I wanted a sideshaft to add to my collection, but couldn't find the size or kind. Then I laid eyes on this 1907 Doak 10 HP made in Los Angeles, California, and I had to have it!

I bought the Doak from Howard Ecdahl of Roseburg, Oregon, in 1994. At that time it was red. I restored its original green color, and added gold pin striping.

The sideshaft is brass; the 30' x 6' muffler is a highly polished shell casing with 12 aluminum baffles and end plates.

Charlie Parish of Merced, California, lent me his flyball governor for a pattern, and Ed Banke of Carlton, Oregon, cast one for me out of 18 Rainbird sprinklers. Thanks, guys!

The Doak is ignitor ignition, battery charged with a one gallon gas tank and a 30 gallon water hopper.