A 'Friend' Indeed

| February/March 1988

Rt 1, Box 42 Bowman, GA 30627

Very possibly a majority of Gas Engine Magazine readers believe to some degree that man's best friend is his dog. Quite a few subscribers probably could relate stories of how his dog performed in a spectacular way and brought honor to his master.

Having enjoyed numerous stories presented in GEM, I would like to share this one about a different kind of man's best friend.

In November 1984,I visited one of my co-workers in Elberton, Georgia. The purpose of the visit leaves me at this time, but I well remember my first experience at seeing an unsightly wagon parked below his house.

The wagon had an engine bolted to a wooden platform in the front and what appeared to be half of a large wooden barrel attached between the large rear wheels. The four wheels were all metal and the two rear wheels were much larger than the front ones.

Trees were growing out of and through this contraption in all directions. Some of them reached eight to ten feet in the air and one had grown between the gas tank and water hopper. With years of swaying about, the tree had bent the gas tank badly.