A Florida Find

| November/December 1992

3681 Green Lake Road Orchard Lake, Michigan 48324-2757 

Our air compressor was found in Immokalee, Florida (in the Everglades area), made by Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company, Chicago and New York, manufactured at Franklin, Pennsylvania, #15502, size 5? x 5, P 25B Patent Applied For. The unloader on the cylinder is dated 1917. The tank has a date stamped as 11-1892. The tank is made of 3/8' boiler plate. The engine running the compressor LB-3-5, International was found on Beaver Island, Michigan. (Beaver Island is 25 miles out in Lake Michigan from Charlevoix.) 

The engine has new valves and new crankshaft bearings-'runs beautifully.'

The cylinder on the air compressor is .0008 to taper one end to the other. Crankshaft was ground all over, flywheel end was hard-chromed and brought back to standard. New rod bearings, new wrist pins, new wrist pin bushings, piston ring grooves were turned from 7/16'-1/2'. Made new intake valves and exhaust valves. Rings were made ten-thousands-over size, cylinder was honed and assembled. 

Receiver tank holds seventeen cubic feet. Compressor will fill the tank turning at 250 r.p.m. to one hundred pounds in six minutes.

Air compressor is located in La Belle, Florida, 26 miles from Fort Myers, where I reside in the winter.