A Collection Of Parts

| October/November 1994

  • Nuts and bolts

  • Nuts and bolts

RFD #2, Box 108-B, Dawson, Minnesota 56232

This machine is a front wheel drive. It has the wagon wheels off my little red wagon. The frame is a piece of iron off of an Allis Digger. The motor is a Briggs off of a Toro lawn mower. The seat and transmission is off a 112 John Deere lawn mower.

You have to shift in front and use the clutch from the back. My grandpa is carefully studying the design. I think he wants to know what happened to his John Deere lawn mower! I have made other models also. In this picture I'm 13 years old and nuts and bolts about it!

I am presently re-tooling for a Lazy Boy BVD 48.