2-1/2 HP Surplex engine

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| April/May 2010

surplex 1

Kerry Tamke's 2-1/2 HP Surplex engine bought at auction.

Photo by Kerry Tamke

I recently acquired a Surplex engine at a local auction.

The tag indicates it was built by the Tirrell Mfg. Co. of Bridgman, Mich. It is serial number 160, and 2-1/2 HP at 600 RPM. It is on a cart with a low-pressure air pump mounted on it. The tag on the pump says “Aerolizer system,” also made by the Tirrell Mfg. Co.

After some cleaning and adjusting, the engine and pump run well.

I have not been able to find any information about this engine or Aerolizer system. I would like to hear from anyone who has any information about this engine and what an Aerolizer system was used for. Kerry Tamke, W29238 Middle Rd., Arcadia, WI 54612; (608) 863-1526; Rusty_iron@hotmail.com.