1934 Superior Gas Engine

From A to Z: 1934 25 C HP Superior Gas Engine, Springfield, Ohio

| June/July 2012

  • Superior Gas Engine
    This 1934 Superior Gas Engine was made by the Superior Gas Engine Co., in Springfield, OH.

  • Superior Gas Engine

Company: Superior Gas Engine Co., Springfield, Ohio
Year: 1934
Horsepower: 25 C (commercial)
Serial number: 23690
RPM: Max. about 250
Bore: 10-5/8”
Stroke: 12”
Flywheel diameter: 64”
Flywheel face: 4”
Weight: 9,000 pounds
Additional information: Two-cycle diesel, kick-start, gasoline primed. Two roller main bearings on each side.

Harold R. Keller
9322 S.R. 13
Glouster, OH 45732