Restoring a 1911 2 HP Foos Jr. Gas Engine

Roadside revelation

| July/August 2004

2 HP Foos Jr. 
Manufacturer: Foos Gas Engine Co., Springfield, Ohio
Year: Circa 1911
Serial number: 30567
HP: 2
Bore: 4-inch
Stroke: 7-inch
Flywheel diamter: 22-3/4 inches
Flywheel width: 2 inches
Governing: Hit-and-miss
Ignition: Spark plug and buzz coil
Additional features: 7-inch pulley cast into right-hand flywheel

My quest for a Foos engine started in 1996 while, oddly enough, I was busy restoring my 6 HP 1916 Galloway. While locating some missing parts for the Galloway, I mentioned to my grandpa Gene that I needed a mixer, and he just happened to own one that came off an 8 HP Foos his father had owned on their farm when my grandpa was a kid. That mixer is now on my Galloway, and that's where the idea and quest for the Foos started.

Let's Make a Deal
One afternoon in June 2003, Grandpa called me after he and my uncle had been out looking for property to buy, and he told me he had seen a 2 HP Foos positioned as a yard ornament in the front of a house on Banner Road, a short ferry ride away from my house in Vashon, Wash. After hearing that, I quickly decided I would take a detour on my way home from work the next day to look at it.

I found the engine the next day, and it was in pretty sad shape. It was indeed a Foos, serial no. 30567, but about the only good thing on it was a #2 Lunkenheimer Paragon oiler. Even so, I was still interested, so I approached the house where the Foos sat and asked if they would be interested in selling it.

The lady I talked to said her kids had found it in the woods behind their house, they weren't interested in selling it, and three other people had already tried to buy it from them. I made an offer anyway and left my phone number and e-mail address with her.

Three days later, she e-mailed me to say she had talked to her kids and they were willing to sell it. All I had to do was come over and talk with them about it, and the kids would split the money.

Steve Carroll
4/1/2009 7:24:27 PM

I have a foos 4HP JR. That my late father restored and has shown it with other engines for years. I have just finished painting the foos and will in his honor show it this year.