Is it a Blakeslee or a Bates and Edmonds gas engine?

| August/September 2004

As I prefer period photos of engines at work, I found these two quite interesting.

I found these in a collection of photos at the Dublin, N.H., public library, but as there were no notes accompanying them we don't know the owner, the make of the engine or year the photos were taken.

A search through C.H. Wendel's American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 did not help identify the engine. That's some pile of firewood!

From the Editor - Bob's great photos have us contemplating the Blakeslee/Bates & Edmonds puzzle once again (Gas Engine Magazine, March 2003).

We're certain the engine shown is a product of either Blakeslee Manufacturing Co. (later White-Blakeslee), Birmingham, Ala., or Bates & Edmonds Motor Co., Lansing, Mich. The vertical engines manufactured by the two companies are so similar we wonder if one company or the other was building their version under license or If both companies purchased the design from the same source.

We think the pictured engine is a Bates & Edmonds, mostly because of the muffler and the raised boss running around the lower edge of the cylinder head. The cooling tank gives us pause, however, as every Bates & Edmonds we've seen was piped on the exhaust side. But that could be a red herring, as a photo In our archives shows a Bates & Edmonds with fittings on both sides of the cylinder.