1914 4 HP Acme Engine

From A to Z: 1914 4 HP Acme engine, manufactured by the Acme Engine Co., Lansing, Mich.

| December 2012/January 2013

  • 1914 Acme Engine
    A 1914 4 HP Acme engine owned by Thomas Thiel. 
    Photo By Thomas Thiel

  • 1914 Acme Engine

Company: Acme Engine Co., Lansing, Mich.
Year: 1914
Horsepower: 4 at 450 RPM
Bore: 4-1/2-inch
Stroke: 6-inch
Weight: 650 pounds
Flywheel diameter: 25 inches
Price in 1914: $56, optional Webster magneto cost an additional $7
Additional info: The cart is not original. The engine was in overall poor condition with cracks and welds everywhere when purchased. It is still running on non-original rocker arm and incorrect mixer.

Owner would like to know about other Acme owners and how many engines are in existence.

Owner: Thomas Thiel/Georgia