Pre-1916 A.F. Bauer

From A to Z: Pre-1916 3-1/2 HP A.F. Bauer engine manufactured by the A.F. Bauer Engine Co., Kansas City, Mo.

| February/March 2013

  • 1916 AF Bauer
    This A. F. Bauer engine dates to pre-1916.
    Photo Courtesy Jim White

  • 1916 AF Bauer

Company: A.F. Bauer Engine Co., Kansas City, Mo.
Year: Pre-1916
Horsepower: 3-1/2
Serial number: 2175
Bore: 4-7/8-inch
Stroke: 9-inch
Flywheel diameter: 27 inches
Governing: Vertical flyball, hit-and-miss
Ignition: Igniter, battery and coil.
Additional info: Head and igniter, no gasket-taper fit (1/2 degree). Head bolts and igniter bolts have slots cast in the block for square head bolts. Dual exhaust. 

Owner: Jim White
7821 Dewberry Lane
Cedar Hill, MO 63016