4-1/2 HP Domestic

Coolspring Spotlight

| September 2009

Manufactured by: Domestic Engine & Pump Co., Shippensburg, PA
Serial number: 623
Horsepower: 4-1/2
RPM: 350
Bore: 5-3/4-inch
Stroke: 9-inch

This early Domestic stationary engine was shipped from the Shippensburg, Pa., factory to a Mr. Black in nearby Fort Loudon, Pa., on Oct. 12, 1905. It was used there to power a wood-working shop.

Removed in the 1950s, the engine passed through the hands of several collectors before arriving at Coolspring Power Museum in the early 1990s. Just 13 engines of this design were made, and it is among the largest Domestics built through 1905. It was also among the first engines built in the new Shippensburg plant.

At that time, Domestic described engines with a water-jacketed cylinder as “Regular” models; water-hopper cooling was not yet common. Note that the crankshaft bearings are bronze; the main bearings are pinned and bolted to the planed top surface of the base rather than being integral cast iron and poured babbitt metal as on all subsequent Domestic designs.