1914 6 HP Lauson-Lawton "Wisconsin"

A fine souvenir from Coolspring

| October 2009

It’s always nice to bring home a souvenir whenever you visit someplace special.

For Bill Winkler, St. Anna, Wis., and his visit to the 2008 Coolspring Summer Expo in Coolspring, Pa., that souvenir was a 1914 6 HP Lauson-Lawton “Wisconsin” engine.

“I picked it up from a guy who brought it from New Jersey,” says Bill. “His wife’s grandfather had the engine and always took it out to run every year. I don’t know what he did with it on his farm, though.”

Bill bought the Wisconsin simply off of seeing a couple pictures, and he couldn’t have been happier with it when he saw it in person.

“It’s in very nice original condition,” says Bill. “I got it running at Coolspring after futzing with it for a little bit.” Bill plans on leaving it in its current condition, and it’s a welcome addition to his growing collection of Lauson-Lawton engines.

“It was made about 30 miles from where I live.”