1914 10 HP Advance gas engine

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| June/July 2010

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    1914 10 HP Advance gas engine
    Photo by Gary Love

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Company: George D. Pohl Mfg. Co., Vernon, NY
Model: Farmers Favorite
Type: Hopper-cooled portable
Year: 1914
Horsepower: 10
Serial number: 1799
RPM: 300
Bore: 7-inch
Stroke: 12-inch
Flywheel diameter: 49 inches
Weight: 3,200 pounds
Governing: Throttle
Ignition: Low-tension magneto and igniter
Owner says: Ran a saw making apple crates. The original owner’s son said they almost took the engine off the cart to use the cart elsewhere.

Gary Love
3231 Smith Rd.
Canandaigua, NY 14424